Shane is qualified to utilise a range of soft-tissue techniques to work safely and effectively on post-acute injury and pre-existing conditions, dealing with musculoskeletal and paratendon injuries.

He can conduct a thorough assessment through subjective and objective methods. This can include any or all of the following: consultation, postural analysis, palpation techniques, joint assessments, special tests or running assessment.

Through the treatment of soft tissue dysfunction, he can help a specific injury heal; repair and rehabilitate; or simply help your body adapt to it’s training demands.

His BSc in Sport and Exercise Science set the foundations for a more thoughtful approach to treatment. He gained knowledge of how the body performs both superficially and on a deeper, molecular level. The combination of anatomy and physiology understanding with metabolic mechanisms, immunology, and psychology allow him to offer a more thoughtful approach to treatment.

From his previous roles, Continuing Professional Development, and own experiences as an athlete, Shane is highly proficient in analysing the running gait. From postural abnormalities through to what type of footwear you are wearing, he can analyse it all. At Active Edge Sports Therapy, Shane is working more and more with clients’ running form to, not only identify the cause of significant chronic issues for runners, but also, help them to become more efficient, and get more out of their performance. For more information on Run Like A Pro and Gait-retraining click here.

You can find a list of techniques Shane may employ to make your treatment as beneficial as possible here.