Active Edge Sports Therapy

Active Edge Sports Therapy was launched early 2017 by Shane Robinson. And, in 2019, Laura Wilkinson joined the team. Located at Giant Lincoln in the historic Doddington Hall Estate, we provide sports massage therapy to prevent, assess, and manage injury, as well as treatment modalities to support soft tissue repair. Treatments are tailored to you after an assessment has been conducted. So if you have a complex issue that is preventing you from training to your full potential, need post-acute injury treatment, or require regular deep tissue massage to help with your active lifestyle, please click here for more information how Active Edge Sports Therapy can help you achieve your goals.

Shane just before the 2016 National 6-stage road relay championships in birmingham

Shane just before the 2016 National 6-stage road relay championships in birmingham


Through the treatment of injury, or helping your body cope with the demands of an active lifestyle, our mission is to facilitate sporting success to achieve happiness.


Shane Robinson BSc MSTA

Director. Lead Therapist & Run Like A Pro Coach

"Having qualified as a sports massage practitioner in 2015, I quickly took to manual therapy and advanced my skills in 2016. I am now qualified to prevent, assess and manage injury, and use a range of treatment modalities to support soft tissue repair. To find out more on how my skills may benefit you, please click here. 

As a member of the Sports Therapy Association (STA), I have received great support and advice along the way. And, I still do. I hope to portray this through my own work with clients to help them achieve their goals.

I am passionate that, through sport and exercise, anyone can achieve happiness and experience fulfilment. And an active body must be maintained. As an elite runner, competing at a national level, I can empathise with the importance of a healthy body to facilitate an active lifestyle.

By combining my personal values with my skills, knowledge and experiences, I set up Active Edge Sports Therapy to help people achieve their own success.

I have spent most of my life involved in sport. With a degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Birmingham, I developed my knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and exercise metabolism.

Since graduating from university in 2012, I have worked at a highly specialist running store - utilising my knowledge of biomechanics to ensure customers were provided with help and guidance. I combined this role whilst studying to become a sports massage practitioner and then treating clients in my spare time outside of work.  

At the beginning of 2017, I began working full-time as a sports massage practitioner, setting up Active Edge Sports Therapy. My previous roles and experiences have enabled me to utilise a wide range of skills and provide clients with specific treatments and constructive advice.

I hope to combine my work at Active Edge Sports Therapy with my long term goal of competing as an international distance runner whilst using Continuing Professional Development to expand my own knowledge and skill set to fuel client’s success, as well as my own." 

Laura Wilkinson

Sports Massage Therapist

LAURA JUST BEFORE FINISHING 6TH at the North Of England Cross Country Champs

LAURA JUST BEFORE FINISHING 6TH at the North Of England Cross Country Champs

“Whilst training to become a sports massage therapist, I was lucky to have known Shane well and have his guidance and support to help with my assessments. So naturally, I was pleased when Shane asked me to join Active Edge Sports Therapy as the ‘perfect fit.’

I have probably competed in an array of sports, from dance to becoming a world karate champion! But, now my passion lies with running. And, I have been competing for almost a decade to a national standard.

Personally, I feel I can empathise with athletes and runners and the impact training has on day-to-day life, as well as performance. I know the importance of reducing injury risk to get the most out of training and achieve my goals.

It is vital to keep learning as a therapist. I am a member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA) after training with them, and, currently, I am studying towards a Health and Nutrition qualification.

After years of struggling with my own nutrition, I found that my running was impacted in controversial ways. I was able to I overcome this and know, first hand, the importance of your effective support network. I love the prospect of being part of the clients’ support network.

Not only will I apply my skills of hard work and dedication to develop alongside Shane as a therapist, but I am excited to pass on my experience and advice to clients, from recovery to mental health and helping individuals get as much out of themselves as possible.”