Your first appointment at Active Edge Sports Therapy will require at least 60 minutes. All follow-up treatments are 45 minutes and cost £35.00

Initial Appointment for Injury - 60-70 minutes

  • Consultation

  • Posture analysis

  • Relevant assessment

  • Treatment

First Initial Appointment for Sports Massage - 60 minutes

  • Consultation

  • Posture analysis

  • Treatment

Follow-up Treatment - 45 minutes

  • Regular Sports Massage

  • Injury treatment

If you would like more information on what may be the best treatment for you, please click here or do not hesitate to call or email for a chat.

Pre-race Massage

  • Brief Consultation

  • Adjusted treatment techniques

Consultation and Postural Assessment

Your first treatment with Active Edge Sports Therapy will involve a consultation postural assessment. Whether you are requiring treatment for a specific injury or issue, or require basic sports massage to help you keep your body in a healthy state, the extensive consultation and postural analysis will give the therapist a clearer understanding of your body to provide the most effective treatment tailored for your needs.

Joint Assessment

Through a range of joint assessments, strength tests, and special tests, Active Edge Sports Therapy can assess dysfunction and work towards identifying the underlying issue to treat and promote repair, healing, and recovery.

Run Like A Pro

Your running form can be analysed. From his previous roles, Continuing Professional Development, and own experiences as an athlete, Shane is highly proficient in analysing the running gait. From functional abnormalities through to what type of footwear you are wearing, this can provide a greater insight into your problem.

If you aren't injured, but would like a running assessment to help improve your running form, gain insight on your strengths and areas to work on, or would like advice to push your running forward, Run Like A Pro can help you make that next step.

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More information on Shane's background can be found here.